How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Limo in Toronto?


The price of limousine rentals in Toronto can vary according to a number of conditions and factors, so before we get into the price let us get an understanding of what some of the factors are that affect the price:


Everyone knows that limousines are a seasonal business, with demand increasing in the summer and autumn compared to the winter months. Typically the highest demand for limousines is around prom and wedding seasons, so prices tend to be a little higher during that time. By shifting your event or even wedding ahead by a few weeks it is possible to save on the cost.


Weekends are usually the busiest times for limousine companies. And that is why getting a deal during the weekdays can be much easier than on the weekends. Check your schedule and if you want to have a party, an event or even a prom in the weekdays it can lead to some serious savings.


It is hopefully understood that limos nowadays come in a large variety of styles and sizes. The most common traditional limo is no longer the king of it all. In fact, for weddings, party limo buses have now become the go-to vehicle of choice. Furthermore, there are other types of limos such as Hummers, SUVs and others. All of these can have widely varying prices because of their styles and their capacity.


Limousine Type One Way Round Trip
Party Limo Bus $379 - $749 $579 - $999
Stretch Hummer $379 - $549 $479 - $799
SUV Limo $149 - $259 $229 - $429
Standard Stretch $129 - $199 $189 - $359

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